How long does it take to get my vehicle?

We can get your vehicle delivered to you within 24 hours! It would require prompt responses from you and availability 

Will my vehicle be inspected?

We only sell fully inspected and AMVIC approved vehicles

What if I don't like my vehicle?

You will choose from a list of vehicles you are pre approved for. You will have the vehicle that best suits you, your family, and budget

I live in another province

No problem! We will cover your out of province inspection and delivery

Of course! We will even make sure it's inspected, and road ready. Ask our agents to obtain you a vehicle report

Can you buy me a vehicle I found?

I was turned down before

A lot of our clients have been turned down at multiple places. Our programs and relationships with lenders is what makes us stand out!

As long as you are making a minimum of $1,800/month (gross), you're approved!

What's the minimum income requirement?

I get paid through AISH/Child Support/EI/Child Tax

Many of our lenders accept non traditional forms of income. Ask our agents for more information

What about my bankruptcy, repo, or collections?

Life happens. We help establish new relationships with banks giving you a fresh start and a chance to own a vehicle, no matter the circumstance. 

Yes, you can! We offer top dollar for trades and a $1000 trade bonus (OAC)

Can I trade in my vehicle?

Nope! Our Auto Brokers take care of everything for you. We will even send out multiple vehicles for you to view right at your home!

So I don't have to come into a dealership?

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