From inception, our goal was to disrupt the auto industry. We noticed most people disliked dealing with pushy car salesman, did not get the vehicle they want, paid too high of an interest rate, and ended up waiting around for hours in dealerships. Approval 1 had a different vision. We believe consumers can buy vehicles right from the comfort of their own home, and when armed with the right information, can make the best decision for themselves. We empower you, the shopper, by giving you all the resources and information you need to get the right vehicle, at the right price, and do so hassle free!

So how do we do it?

We built a lot of solid relationships! From banks, dealerships, credit card companies, debt consolidators, credit analysts, insurance companies, registries, and more! All with the sole purpose of helping serve you, the consumer. In other words, no matter your situation, we've thought about it, solved it, and can now assist you.